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Sleeping attire

I'm reading a story where Clark puts his pyjama trousers over his underpants. I never wore underwear under my pyjamas - when I used to wear them. Is this prudery a modern thing? I am bemused.

Falling back to earth

I've just finished reading all the happy Clex on AO3, all four hundred and forty one pages of it.

There were some wonderful stories and series in the early days, some of them faded a little but most were still a delightful read full of excitement, tension and love. Some famous and long series started very well but later additions seemed to be just going through the motions.

Martha was everyone's favourite, reliable, loving, supportive but a maintainer of values. Poor Jonathan got hammered so often that it was a delightful change to come across a fic to portray him closer to his SF self where his unwavering love, support and defence of Clark shone through.

I read Xovers, apart from those with all the bats from all formats, and rejoiced when Alfred was given an English accent and not a British one. I also closed down fics with Clark having blue eyes, stupid Gotham villains running rampant and those written in English I couldn't understand.

I've also been able to read lots of fascinating newer writing, some of it post Lex's memory loss, some intriguing AUs including much loved characters only slightly different. Then, of course, the joys of Kon-El; this has been tackled in many ways and I enjoy it all. Dare I say that I've already read some Kon stories three or four times!

There is so much wonderful creativity, both written and visually created, it was a delight to share in it. Thank you so much all of you for giving me so much reading pleasure.

This comment was slightly different and better written but was lost dealing with a grey button!

Now, to re-anchor myself firmly in English English, I shall re-read Barchester Towers, Mrs Proudie and all.


I know that people reading this would not use 'backwards' to describe Smallville when they mean 'backwoods', but so many people do and claim to have had their work betaed!

I know that lots of us sometimes slip up over homonyms, but surely this is one that a little re-reading would sort out, or am I being too nit-picking, or just too old?!

Dreadful snob

Sorry to post this, but "the music began to whine down..."? I bet when I get to the end of the story I'll find that I've left Kudos. Please forgive me or send punishments in a plain brown envelope.


"Clark resolved himself to the fact that etc". At this time of night - ten past midnight - I can't think what the proper word should be, perhaps it will come to me as I sleep. The thing is that I've read this story many times and enjoyed it but not noticed that wrong word before!

Superman Returns

I've just finished watching this film on BBC3 and I really enjoyed it. While I would have liked Tom to have played Kal-El I thought Brandon Routh did a good job and played a sympathetic character.

The farm was terribly bleak and seemingly abandoned but with only a frail elderly woman living there that is only to be expected. I loved a young Clark running between the rows of corn and leaping in the air for sheer pleasure; I love young Clark whenever I see or read about him.

I wonder why the young Jason needed an inhaler, are they keeping him out of the sun?

One thing I think should definitely be changed is Lois smoking, that is so old fashioned, particularly for someone so intelligent who spends so much of her time talking to other people. They won't want to be interviewed by someone smelling like pipe dottle. She will have given up for her pregnancy and there's no need for that to continue.

I'm very much looking forward to the new film in the summer; Smallville has changed so much 'canon' I wonder how that will be reflected in 'Man of Steel".

A kink?

I love all sorts of Smallville fanfic. I started with slash, but now read and enjoy het, too. There was even one slash story which included a positive and likeable Victoria - thank you Danceswithgary. Stories with Ryan still alive make me really happy, but ones I like above all have Clark working at the Planet and in a relationship with Lex but no-one knowing (particularly Lois ) and everyone trying to find out who his 'friend' is.

There are a few good ones around but most of them are too short. There is an mpreg one which I always love but my kink only gets a few hundred lines!

I'm trawling through AO3 SV again so will have to tag those I find. Can anyone think of a quicker way, please?

TV repeats

Often I don't like repeats but Merlin is on BBC3 on Saturday nights from the beginning - what fun!

I know it's tosh with lots of historical inaccuracies, such as tomatoes and lack of Christianity, but it's all done with so much 'joie de vivre' I find it addictive. Also, something worth watching on Saturday night, such a rarity.


When I was twelve, I was 5'10 1/2 inches tall and skinny. Because I was a foot higher than most other children in my year it did not mean that my parents had kept me back for two years.

Little children learn new languages quickly. A bright 3 year old (as Clark was ) would pick it up in about four months, even with a Kansas accent.

I taught a 4 yr old Vietnamese girl who was silent for two months and then spoke English better than the locals - we were in Suffolk.

I was never as tall as Clark, nor will be, but I know a 17 yr old who is 6'6" and was 6'2" when he was 12.

As you can tell I've just read yet another story which changed the Smallville timeline and whose writer believes that all boys inch up to their full height slowly. I do know a man who did that in his teens and now he's taller than I. The only way his mum could see he was growing was comparing him with me as we processed together.

I must stop moaning, nag me.

The 'Truth'

I've just read two stories where Clark 'tells' Lex. The 'telling' was ok but considering the actual truth involved, just a little mundane.

The two best truth-tellings I've read have included a Clark-made comic book and Clark telling a fairy story - "Once upon a time, a planet was about to explode etc", oh and there was a fun thing where Clark told his friends and no-one believed him and one where he told Lex and Lex phoned Martha suggesting psychiatric help.

I just think that ,"Lex I'm an alien." "Wow!", doesn't fit the enormity of the 'truth' or reaction!

Just an observation on current escapism reading.

Love and Happy New Year to all, and hopefully a more prosperous one.



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